Pending Trustee’s Sales

The following applies to each and every Trustee Sale conducted by this office:

Bidders must be prepared to tender to the trustee $10,000.00 in the form of a cashier’s check or money order(s) at the sale and the balance of the purchase price by 12:00 noon the day following the sale. The balance may be in the form of a cashier’s check, money order(s), or wire transfer.

Cash and bank official checks are not acceptable. A trustee’s deed will be made available to the successful bidder within three business days following receipt of the bid amount. Receipt of the bid amount being defined as the date tendered funds “clear” the trustee’s trust account. The sale is made without any warranty whatsoever, including but not limited to any warranty as to title, liens, possession, taxes, encumbrances, or condition of the property. The sale is subject to a workout reinstatement, payoff, sale cancellation or postponement, incorrect bidding instructions, bankruptcy, or any other circumstance of which the trustee is unaware. In the event any of the foregoing apply, the sale will be void and the successful bidder’s funds will be returned without any liability to the trustee or beneficiary for interest or any other damages.

All information contained on this website is provided for informational purposes only as a public courtesy and is subject to change at any time. No warranty is made as to the accuracy and/or validity of the information contained herein.

**Please be advised that, among other matters, this office collects debts and any and all information received may be used for that purpose.**

9/16/2014Davis 10:00:00 AM030133mFarrisPP to 10/21/14
9/16/2014Tooele 3:30:00 PM030321mRomero$150,450.00
9/18/2014Utah 9:30:00 AM030281mThomsonCancelled
9/18/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM028279mCaplinger$110,457.43
9/18/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM029790mWashington $131,827.50
9/18/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM009317mO'Kane$98,600.28
9/18/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM028977mWing$131,750.00
9/23/2014Weber11:00:00 AM028981mBarsonCancelled
9/23/2014Weber11:00:00 AM029895mGarciaCancelled
9/23/2014Weber11:00:00 AM030118mWilliams $120,000.00
9/23/2014Box Elder12:00:00 PM027445mMcCannCancelled
9/23/2014Cache 1:00:00 PM028981mBarson$142,800.00
9/23/2014Cache 1:00:00 PM029842mPayne$234,000.00
9/23/2014Emery 1:00:00 PM030218mBarker$99,000.00
9/23/2014Sanpete1:00:00 PM026746mMortensen$134,100.00
9/25/2014Utah9:30:00 AM027269mAnderson Cancelled
9/25/2014Salt Lake1:00:00 PM019356mRodierCancelled
9/25/2014Salt Lake1:00:00 PM030167mKadel$80,000.00
9/25/2014Salt Lake1:00:00 PM030303mBeekumCancelled
9/26/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM026620mWright Cancelled
9/30/2014Davis10:00:00 AM030031mRegan-CarltonCancelled
9/30/2014Davis 10:00:00 AM030101mPell Cancelled
9/30/2014Weber11:00:00 AM008989mSmith$105,600.00
9/30/2014Box Elder12:00:00 PM030363mEsquivel $126,650.00
9/30/2014Cache 1:00:00 PM029624mWoodCancelled
9/30/2014Tooele 3:30:00 PM030361mMcKay$60,276.18
10/2/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030292mUbieraCancelled
10/2/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM024777mYoungPP to 10/9/14
10/2/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM028041mCortesPP to 10/9/14
10/2/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM028225mMokrani Cancelled
10/2/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM029822mCarrascoCancelled
10/2/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM029960mSNT Enterprises, L.C., a Utah Limited Liability CompanyCancelled
10/2/2014Washington2:00:00 PM027741mBall Cancelled
10/7/2014Davis 10:00:00 AM011802mSpensPP to 11/11/14
10/7/2014Weber11:00:00 AM030261mGlobokarCancelled
10/7/2014Box Elder12:00:00 PM030369mHorne Cancelled
10/7/2014Uintah 1:00:00 PM030178mBoren$98,100.00
10/9/2014Utah9:30:00 AM029572mIsbell$263,646.08
10/9/2014Utah9:30:00 AM030117mVineyard
10/9/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM025878mCentauriCancelled
10/9/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM029720mNeumannCancelled
10/9/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM029761mDumasPP to 11/13/14
10/9/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM014646mGilger PP to 11/13/14
10/9/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM024777mYoungCancelled
10/9/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM028041mCortesCancelled
10/14/2014Weber11:00:00 AM025946mCullison$128,850.75
10/14/2014Box Elder 12:00:00 PM030341mCavasos$204,863.37
10/14/2014Tooele 3:30:00 PM028189mAndersenCancelled
10/16/2014Utah 9:30:00 AM28192mBeveridge Cancelled
10/16/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030339mWetherford$180,283.34
10/16/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM028723mHendrickson Cancelled
10/16/2014Washington 2:00:00 PM029713mCobine $520,746.27
10/21/2014Davis 10:00:00 AM030133mFarris $177,662.61
10/21/2014Weber 11:00:00 AM029692mSheperd Cancelled
10/23/2014Utah9:30:00 AM030313mTrevino $138,579.13
10/23/2014Iron 12:00:00 PM029795mGlassCancelled
10/23/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM015398m Peck $552,500.00
10/23/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030388m Afoa Cancelled
10/23/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM026972mPowell Cancelled
10/23/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030077mButler Cancelled
10/23/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030102mBreitenbuecher$182,000.00
10/23/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030387mDevaughn Cancelled
10/23/2014Washington 2:00:00 PM030381mDespain $25,000.00
10/28/2014Davis 10:00:00 AM030393mAguinaldo $127,575.00
10/28/2014Weber11:00:00 AM029907mCatano $126,900.00
10/28/2014Tooele 3:30:00 PM030389mGallegos Cancelled
10/28/2014Uintah 1:00:00 PM030355mHacking Cancelled
10/30/2014Utah 9:30:00 AM030384mKahle $189,327.01
10/30/2014Utah 9:30:00 AM030250mAtwood $205,700.00
10/30/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM027962mScow Cancelled
10/30/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030390mWitzel Cancelled
10/30/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM029867m Butcher $112,200.00
10/30/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030100mUrquhart $260,981.00
11/4/2014Davis 10:00:00 AM027595m Smedley
11/4/2014Weber11:00:00 AM029165mLythgoe
11/4/2014Weber11:00:00 AM030263mRoach$95,806.86
11/4/2014Millard 1:00:00 PM030365mBaldwin Cancelled
11/4/2014Tooele 3:30:00 PM025569mWalker
11/4/2014Tooele 3:30:00 PM029638mNaylor
11/6/2014Utah 9:30:00 AM029735mAbbott
11/6/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030406mHaun
11/6/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM027944mGomez $126,380.29
11/6/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM029160mFlores
11/6/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM029890mWagstaff
11/6/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030233mServin
11/6/2014Washington 2:00:00 PM029623mSimpson Cancelled
11/11/2014Davis 10:00:00 AM011802mSpens Cancelled
11/11/2014Davis 10:00:00 AM030242mPettingill
11/11/2014Weber 11:00:00 AM030382mCortez
11/11/2014Grand 2:00:00 PM024274mWoodard
11/13/2014Utah 9:30:00 AM020368mCooper
11/13/2014Utah 9:30:00 AM028432mIpson
11/13/2014Utah 9:30:00 AM030219mMatheney
11/13/2014Utah 9:30:00 AM030223mEwell
11/13/2014Utah 9:30:00 AM030234mHubbs
11/13/2014Utah 9:30:00 AM030251mChumley
11/13/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM029761mDumasCancelled
11/13/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM014646mGilger $409,080.85 PP to 12/16/14
11/13/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030394mWalker $193,738.68
11/13/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM028808mRoss
11/13/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM029094mOsborne $108,000.00
11/13/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030303mBeekum
11/13/2014Washington 2:00:00 PM030082mBridges
11/18/2014Davis 10:00:00 AM030420mConkleCancelled
11/20/2014Utah9:30:00 AM030310mMoore
11/20/2014Utah9:30:00 AM030418mChristensen Cancelled
11/20/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM026779mBrigman
11/20/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM023247mJenson
11/20/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM028618mYoung Yen
11/20/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM028923mCuttle
11/25/2014Box Elder 12:00:00 PM015926mCraner
11/25/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030429mKowallis
11/25/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM012022mCarlson
11/25/2014Sanpete 1:00:00 PM030304mPeterson
12/2/2014Weber 11:00:00 AM027421mLatas
12/2/2014Box Elder 12:00:00 PM030430mDodd
12/2/2014Sanpete1:00:00 PM030423mThornton
12/4/2014Utah 9:30:00 AM015575mMorgan
12/4/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030256mRuano
12/9/2014Davis 10:00:00 AM030428mDunham
12/9/2014Davis 10:00:00 AM030432mDavidson
12/9/2014Davis 10:00:00 AM030323mKarr
12/9/2014Davis 10:00:00 AM027723mCaldwell
12/9/2014Beaver2:00:00 PM029725mElder
12/11/2014Iron 12:00:00 PM030137mStevens
12/11/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030439mParry
12/11/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM028952mKnutson
12/11/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM029140mGarcia
12/11/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM029627mTorrez
12/11/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM029721mNielsen
12/16/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM014646mGilger $409,080.85