Pending Trustee’s Sales

The following applies to each and every Trustee Sale conducted by this office:

Bidders must be prepared to tender to the trustee $10,000.00 in the form of a cashier’s check or money order(s) at the sale and the balance of the purchase price by 12:00 noon the day following the sale. The balance may be in the form of a cashier’s check, money order(s), or wire transfer.

Cash and bank official checks are not acceptable. A trustee’s deed will be made available to the successful bidder within three business days following receipt of the bid amount. Receipt of the bid amount being defined as the date tendered funds “clear” the trustee’s trust account. The sale is made without any warranty whatsoever, including but not limited to any warranty as to title, liens, possession, taxes, encumbrances, or condition of the property. The sale is subject to a workout reinstatement, payoff, sale cancellation or postponement, incorrect bidding instructions, bankruptcy, or any other circumstance of which the trustee is unaware. In the event any of the foregoing apply, the sale will be void and the successful bidder’s funds will be returned without any liability to the trustee or beneficiary for interest or any other damages.

All information contained on this website is provided for informational purposes only as a public courtesy and is subject to change at any time. No warranty is made as to the accuracy and/or validity of the information contained herein.

**Please be advised that, among other matters, this office collects debts and any and all information received may be used for that purpose.**

12/23/2014Utah 9:30:00 AM030440mAnderson PP to 1/13/15
12/23/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM027372mGloverCancelled
12/30/2014Utah 9:30:00 AM028192mBeveridge Cancelled
12/30/2014Utah 9:30:00 AM029815mBrownPP to 1/8/15
12/30/2014Utah 9:30:00 AM030281m Thomson Cancelled
12/30/2014Davis 10:00:00 AM030114mMascarenas Cancelled
12/30/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM029387m Mills $262,800.00
12/30/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030387mDevaughn $107,100.00
12/30/2014Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030388mAfoa $27,390.55
12/30/2014Tooele 3:30:00 PM030458m Delgado $173,889.75
1/6/2015Davis 10:00:00 AM030468mBlack $182,750.00
1/8/2015Utah 9:30:00 AM029815mBrown$134,000.00
1/8/2015Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM028618mYoung YenCancelled
1/8/2015Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM016442mChristensen Cancelled
1/8/2015Washington 2:00:00 PM030465mWolfe$242,393.00
1/13/2015Utah 9:30:00 AM030440mAnderson $50,000.00
1/13/2015Weber11:00 AM030201mEnz$115,200.00
1/13/2015Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030439mParry Cancelled
1/13/2015Tooele 3:30:00 PM030386mAnderson $115,668.00
1/15/2015Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030470mNielson $241,522.56
1/15/2015Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030474m Hopkins Cancelled
1/15/2015Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM029140mGarcia $243,625.07 PP to 3/5/15
1/15/2015Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM029861mPetersen $139,995.10
1/20/2015Tooele 3:30:00 PM028189mAndersen Cancelled
1/22/2015Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM010213mSnyder$200,700.00
1/22/2015Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM029184m Penney $247,500.00
1/22/2015Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM029849mMckenzieCancelled
1/22/2015Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030140mAldous$170,000.00
1/22/2015Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030359mPetkovic$124,844.41
1/22/2015Salt Lake 1:00:00 PM030406mHaunCancelled
1/22/2015Washington 2:00:00 PM030316mGalindoCancelled
1/27/2015Davis 10:00:00 AM030483mHowe
1/27/2015Davis 10:00:00 AM030485m Martinez
1/27/2015Tooele 3:30:00 PM030049mCaires
1/29/2015Utah9:30 AM027868mGarcia
1/29/2015Utah9:30 AM030480mMelville
1/29/2015Salt Lake 1:00 PM027706mKasuePP to 3/5/15
1/29/2015Salt Lake 1:00 PM028524mManzanares
1/29/2015Salt Lake 1:00 PM030390mWitzel$169,873.36
2/3/2015Weber11:00 AM030491mWestonCancelled
2/3/2015Millard1:00 PM030463mCrawford
2/5/2015Utah9:30 AM027269mAnderson
2/5/2015Salt Lake 1:00 PM029836mDuckworth
2/5/2015Salt Lake 1:00 PM030488mDuran
2/5/2015Salt Lake 1:00 PM030492mPeterson
3/5/2015Salt Lake 1:00 PM027706mKasue
3/5/2015Salt Lake 1:00 PM029140mGarcia $243,625.07