MATHESON & HOWELL PC, formerly known as Matheson, Mortensen, Olsen & Jeppson PC, is a full-service law firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Founded in1977, Matheson & Howell has been advising individual and corporate clients with their transactional, litigation, foreclosure, and bankruptcy needs for more than 30 years. The firm specializes in lender support, foreclosure, creditor bankruptcy, escrow and settlement services, real property, evictions, title resolution, and subrogation claims. Small by design but rich in experience, Matheson & Howell provides sophisticated yet affordable legal services.

Matheson & Howell’s clients range from low-income individuals with poignant needs to large national financial institutions with complex interests. Matheson & Howell’s attorneys are committed to providing responsive and efficient client service, and they have a reputation for zealous and ethical advocacy. The firm’s business-oriented attorneys understand the need for prompt and attentive communication and make it easy for clients to reach them by phone, email or personal visit. Earning a client’s trust through competent and responsive representation is Matheson & Howell’s goal. If you would like more information, please contact us.